Shade tree care

Transplanting your new tree

When transplanting your new tree, keep in mind the needs of the tree. Depending on the type of Shade tree you have purchased, plant in full sun or partial sun, leaving plenty room for when your tree reaches maturity. Find your perfect spot and begin digging your hole prior to purchase, and remember, wider is better! Loosen up the dirt in the hole so that the roots can take hold easier. Don’t dig too deep, you want the bottom of the tree trunk to be 2 inches higher than the hole to allow for settling, and place your tree directly in the center of the hole. Water thoroughly after transplanting.

Newly planted trees

Newly planted trees always need to be watered immediately and thoroughly. Your tree is trying to establish its roots in the soil, and this is very important to the success of transplanting. This process takes a lot out of the tree for the first couple of years, making sure to thoroughly water will help the tree deal with heat and drought. Cover the area with wood-chip mulch and deep water or thoroughly soak. leave a water hose for an hour or 2, until the soil is moist down to the depth of the roots.

When should I prune my tree?

Pruning during the winter cold, while the tree lies dormant, is the most common practice. It promotes a burst of healthy new growth in the spring. Anytime during the winter is fine, but late winter after the coldest weather has passed is best. Summer pruning should be on an ass needed basis, to prevent any awkward growths and direct the growth of the tree upward. Fall is generally considered a terrible time to prune, healing is much slower and the trees are much more susceptible to disease during this time.